When I lived in London in the 90’s, there was a person I regularly ran into often at the regular places but we never spoke to each other.

The time when I bumped into this person again was in a busy bar on the Hong Kong Island, probably in 1996.

This time, I came forward to him and self introduce myself. We become friends since.

All these years, I was all over the places; when I met him again was in Hong Kong at 2008. I was in a state of broken down, only one step move I would fall.

When all my lights almost blow out, he is a friend who put his hand on my shoulder to make my flame remain.

I could not simply forget his genuine friendship.

One night at home in England, I found a photograph dated 1993 in which I had randomly took at a summer event in London.

I suddenly recognize my friend was in my photo. At the time I took the picture we did not know each other nor did I know he was in my picture all these years.

I am not the best person to describe my own feeling, the next thing I know I was stuck the photo on a canvas and depict an art form to show my friend about how I feel of our time went through the parallelism between London and Hong Kong.

In somewhere, I have heard of this saying: ‘Friendship is like a passport, need to be renew every 10 years’.

My friend and I have been known each other for more than a decade now.

Passport, I do not need one.

Even-though I go every corner on earth.