Digital World - Overloaded

Digital have involved our lives everyday such as TV games, videos, internet, computer So we are really living in a digital world.

I try to use digital as an issue to indicate about how the technology affects to our lives.

Fungus is the work aiming for how much time we spend on the digital technology.

Digital like fungus, it can be good or can be bad, all it needs is it takes time to grow become a shape of form and it stuck at the corner of your ceiling just like dust gathering, the more time you allow it grow, the bigger size it expanse.

Murdered by the Digital World

A digital world can obsess you without the need to open the door and physically going outside. Or you could be passively influenced by the digital technology and open up your knowledge of today’s technology.

For some people who are addicted to the digital world, nothing is more important then put yourself in front of the computer screen. It sucks up all your time and change the way you communicate with people and social life. At the end may be nothing left on your body but the mind of digital world.

I can’t help to made a joke about being murder by the digital world. Just have a little fun on it.

Murdered Scene 1

Murdered Scene 2