I beg you nothing

‘I beg you nothing’ is a work in which I did in order to experiment with painting. There were two stages of producing this project: Ice sculpture and painting. They are interactive to each other as I intended to let the sculpture interact with the paintings.

To begin with, I made some human shape models out of clay, I totally made three models of a worshipping post, then I made a mould of it. Once the mould was finished, I poured some water into the mould and froze it. It became ice sculpture.

The gesture of the crouching ice sculpture I made, has a language showing human’s helplessness. Looking at the ice sculpture may bring the viewer to think about themselves, when times become difficult and they pray and bet on their believing.

The inner space of the ice sculpture is crying out in grief and desperation as we all may have experienced sometimes in life.

The ice sculpture was put into a clear plastic box with a hole at the bottom of the box and connected to a tube. The ice destined to eventually melt through the connecting tube onto some plain painted canvas below.

The canvas has been painted with water-soluble gouache or clay in a mono colour. As a result, the melt water travelled slowly through the tube down onto the painting.
The surface of painting(s) was then distorted and altered by the amount of water that dripped slowly down on it, making the look of the paintings continually change until the frozen moulded human figure(s) had completely melted.

The process was an experiment and it totally relied on the ice sculpture melting and the resulting water dribbling down to the canvas. From the start, I wanted to create some mono paintings that would change as a result of the deterioration of another media.

It is interesting to look at the already painted colour slowly degenerating and changing it’s own aspect unpredictably because of the action of the water from the melting ice model.

The action of the water on the painting completed the process and left some interesting marks but the resulting patterns were totally unknown and a mystery beforehand.
In the end, the ice sculpture melts and leaves nothing on the canvas but the watermarks. Showing that all the prayers have been in vain and have left nothing but a trace.