Emotion Landscape

'Emotion Landscape' is an art work that I produced from a clay head I found and through the head combined my own feelings together in order to become a landscape painting.

This head has been sitting quietly for the last few days in a pile of junk. I found myself interested in this unknown found object; it was a head made of clay, the expression of the face was full of tiredness as well as saddness. This head was unwanted, no trace of who created it and why it was abandoned there. Somehow I felt connected to this head with my own feeling, that’s how I started this artwork from the very beginning.

The first intention was I would like to transform this head into a different concept in which could appear a positive image.

I took some photos of the head from different angles, used Photoshop to work on it in order to produce a completely new image that I wanted to work with. The old image would not be remain.

I transfered the new image of the head onto a canvas.
In order to achieve it, I needed to change the material of the head to a form I could use. The head was made of clay; I needed to get the clay to become powder, so that I could mix this powder with Acrylic paint to produce a painting. I crushed the head by using fort lift truck and hammer in order to get the result I wanted.

I mixed the clay powder with different colours of Acrylic, directly painted on the canvas. The finished result looked like some sort of radiation wave movement.

Emotion is interpreted like a movement of radiation that results in different colours standing for different stages of feeling, The wave of the radiation indicates what was reflected from the object through my own emotion.

I used the Canvas as a land, a pure white background of land indicating an ideal earth that is pure, it allowed me to spill my emotion landing onto it. The computer and painting process were the tools, the important thing was using these tools to transform my emotion into a land (canvas) to become an ‘Emotion landscape’.

The head is a lifeless object but through my own feeling in it, the head became an object that reacted with my emotion to transform into a new art form. My emotion was a strength of power, it pushed and interacted with the head, at the end they mixed together and became a painting.

It does not move 2006